Julian Bialowas is an advocate of finding the positive in life. A photographer and graphic designer from Alberta, Canada, he has gained world-wide recognition for his 365Q project through social media avenues such as this blog. At the mere age of 20, and still a student himself, Bialowas took on the task of capturing a new photograph each day for an entire year. Each photograph featured an overlaid, simplistically stylized, inspirational quote.

Many images shot near his home in Calgary and the Canadian Rocky Mountain, Julian’s work encourages the viewer to get out into the world and make the most of it. The quotes are taken from things he hears, reads, sees and feels, and as Julian himself, describes,

“I’m an aspiring graphic designer, aka student. I enjoy shooting landscapes to give new perspectives on every day sights, and have a love for minimal design. When I’m not behind the lens or screen you can find me in the mountains.”

We often get requests from clients for oversized, environmental graphics and I could see Bialowas’ pieces working successfully in that form. Imagine coming to work each day, passing through hallways lined with these photographs and messages. Perhaps not identical to a company’s visual brand, but they could certainly speak to a company’s corporate culture, values and mission. Reproductions of company logos and verbal mission statements don’t always do the trick to inspire workers. Sometimes it takes something a little lighter and not quite so literal to do the trick.

One Response to “365 DAYS OF INSPIRATION”
  1. lesleycarter says:

    Inspirational for sure!

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