fruit wash label

Sometimes an idea comes along that is so obviously simple it gives you one of those nagging, “Why didn’t think of that?” feelings. Such is the case with the Vanishing FruitWash Label from New York designer and electrical engineer, Scott Amron. Unlike plain stickers that you peel off and throw away, the FruitWash Labels dissolve into an organic fruit cleansing soap that helps remove wax, pesticides, dirt and bacteria.

Among all the varieties of produce wash on the market, this is by far the easiest to use and most innovative; one that’s sure to change the way American’s wash produce altogether.

The stickers have not yet hit the market yet, but in superior eco-entrepreneur style you can invest in the business model through a 10% stake in the patent.

It’s these kinds of projects that other designers and innovators look to for inspiration and in the end, what we all strive for. Amron’s labels are a great example of the age old design principle, Keep it Simple Stupid (KISS).


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