NOW OPEN: Victor Valley College Regional Public Safety Training Center

The highly anticipated $31.5 million state-of-the-art Victor Valley College Regional Public Safety Training Center, officially opened in late April to much acclaim. Celebrating the momentous occasion alongside college officials, the local fire and police departments and FEMA officials were Gordon Carrier and David Gonzalez, respectively Design Principal and Project Designer of Carrier Johnson + CULTURE. While Carrier Johnson + CULTURE had been awarded the architecture and interior design of this training campus back in 2010, the project was over two decades in the making – requiring the hard work of numerous individuals and intensive coordination among  private companies, public agencies and voters.

“Architects live for days like today,” said Mr. Carrier. “Our firm is proud to have been involved in the fruition this visionary project which incorporates programs for multiple agencies into one location to maximize disaster training – science, EMT, paramedics, administration of justice, SWAT, and corrections.”

Mr. Carrier added. “Our design solution embraced sustainable principles to make a campus like this possible in the high desert of Apple Valley – we created a campus village under a protective canopy. It is intended to mesh itself with the environment. We use the breezes to our advantage, the sun to our advantage, you use it when you need it, you block it when you don’t.”

Read more about this new world-class training facility:


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