Beyond the company fitness center: Promoting healthy lifestyles throughout the work environment

  Event Network’s new headquarters profiled in the latest edition of Business Insurance Magazine In today’s workplaces, many top employers are making it a priority to promote healthy work environments and encourage workers to live healthier lifestyles. And with good reason: they recognize the direct link between healthy, engaged employees and high productivity coupled with … Continue reading


Coworking is a growing trend we’ve seen steadily increase over the last couple of years. Really, it’s changing the way many people do business, particularly now, with many scratching to make a living in a badly damaged economy. The basic idea behind coworking is collaboration, openness, community, accessibility, and sustainability in the workplace. Coworking spaces … Continue reading


As designers one aspect of the project that’s most important, sometimes as much as the design concept itself, is capturing the project in perpetuity once it’s completed. This is incredibly important for us as a comprehensive design firm particularly with the range of services we offer. As is often said, “A picture says a thousand … Continue reading


Studies have been conducted on the effects of workplace environment on employee performance and productivity. Physical space matters and office design is vital to increasing productivity. It’s easier to be productive, creative and happy at work in a colorful, organic, and playful environment. The goal, and also the challenge, of any company today is to create a … Continue reading