Has Google Maps just revolutionized the wayfinding industry? Used primarily as an outdoor tool up until now, Google Maps has been instrumental in helping people visit new cities, drive through unfamiliar parts of town or find the nearest subway or train station. But it appears that’s about to change as Google has just announced that it’s Maps 6.0 version will … Continue reading


As designers one aspect of the project that’s most important, sometimes as much as the design concept itself, is capturing the project in perpetuity once it’s completed. This is incredibly important for us as a comprehensive design firm particularly with the range of services we offer. As is often said, “A picture says a thousand … Continue reading

Making Cities More Comfortable for People

Making cities more comfortable is the mission of Candy Chang and James A. Reeves, founders of  Civic Center in New Orleans. Together, they blend art, design, education, research, and urban planning to create spaces and tools to help people navigate their cities and improve their neighborhoods. Their belief is that public spaces should inspire conversation, … Continue reading